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Automatic sensor soap dispenser

● IR Sensor activation

● Power supply AC100-240V/DC 6V

● Foam  Liquid optional

● 1000ml bottle capacity, output volume 0.6-2.0ml/cycle

● Suitable soap viscosity Foam: 1-17cps ; Liquid: 1 00-3500cps

● Suitable soap PH 5-9

● Certification: CE certificate

                               ROHS certificate

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Urbanization construction and the development of the real estate market provide broad market space for the industry


According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, China's urbanization rate in 2018 was 59.58%, which is not only much lower than the average level of 80.00% in developed countries, but also lower than the average level of 60.00% in developing countries with per capita income similar to China. There is still significant room for development. I


Favorable factors for the development of the bathroom industry


In January 2012, the State Council issued the "Opinions of the State Council on Implementing the strictest Water Resource Management System"


Product quality barriers


Water outlet terminal products such as showers, shower systems, and faucets are not only closely related to the health and personal safety of residential water use,

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"If you are looking for induction faucets, FRASCIO is a great partner. Our products sell well, theirs are guaranteed and easy to install. They also helped answer any questions we had about sensor taps and how best to use them. Highly recommend!”

Tim Joosten

Product manager

"I was looking for some smart taps, so I found FRASCIO. I spoke to one of their sales representatives, who walked me through all their different options and helped me choose the right faucet. It was all timely, just what I was looking for. Great service! "

Monica Tang


"Recently, there has been a rise in smart faucet products, especially using the FRASCIO smart faucet. After doing a lot of research, I decided to choose FRASCIO. The reason I chose them was because of their high quality products and super helpful customer service.

Amr Elgendy


Our project is looking for a stable supplier of smart faucets. After my communication and cooperation with Frascio, I have been given many solutions. The automatic water cut function of smart faucets is very practical and has high sensitivity, which can effectively avoid waste and loss caused by forgetting to turn off water.

Wendy Arroyo


In our decision-making process, from the selection of products to the feasibility of completing the project cycle, we decided to work with Frascio, whose intelligent systems are excellent in terms of water conservation, can effectively reduce water consumption, are very helpful to the environment, and the products are cost-effective.

Bonnie Vejarano


The design of the smart faucet is very stylish and matches the modern home decoration very well The sensitivity is very high and can be sensed with just a touch, the quality of Frascio is reliable, there are no problems after a period of use, and it is very durable. The after-sales service was very professional and gave me a great buying experience.

Sandra pinies

Property operation


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