Premium Quality In Our FRASCIO

Frascio is one of global leader in public washroom system solution, dedicated in designing and manufacturing full line of sanitary ware.  


Our products are famous in both domestic market and many countries abroad, especially to European Countries. "Creating high quality products and famous brand to satisfy customers" is our long-lasting quality principal. In the past few years, we gain the recommendation and favor from our customers due to the good quality and reputation. With continuous development, it has successfully occupied the market of Western Europe and southern Europe.


To built into the world's most influential public washroom hardware suppliers, is Frascio Strategic objectives for the next few years. The business philosophy of Frascio is to maximize the benefits for Frascio's suppliers and customers. 


Frascio has developed from a traditional supplier of "inventory, supply and collection" as the sales model to a service multinational company with high-quality products and all-round technical support as the core.  it has been adhering to the product philosophy of "public washroom product system solution" and the sales strategy of "product + technical service". It has made remarkable achievements in the field and established a reliable European brand image in the minds of customers.


FRASCIO Trademark was registered in SANITARY WARE FIELD in Europe.

1000 customers

Through good connection with our FRASCIO dealer, FRASCIO has met the demand of 1,000 customers in the worldwide. 

20 countries

Today, FRASCIO products is active in more than 20 countries 

Honor of FRASCIO

CE Certificate European Union, ACS certificate French, Wras certificate British, Watermark certificate Australia, PUB Wels Singapore, TISI certificate Thailand, KCW certificate South Korea, etc…


WRAS Certificate
CE Certificate 2
Patent Certificate
ACS Certificate
EMC Cert Security
WMK Certificate

development path


FRASCIO Malaysia Sdn Bhd established the office in Malaysia and started its market of domestic agents, distributors, stores, projects and so on.


FRASCIO award KCW certificate South Korea.


FRASCIO award Watermark certificate Australia. 


HETTECY by FRASCIO was established the technology center, focusing on disabled handrail products and bathroom accessories. 


FRASCIO was registered in United stated of America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Philippines, etc…


FRASCIO was registered in European Union. FRASCIO brand products awarded ACS Certificated FRENCH, TISI Certificate Thailand.


FRASCIO established a branch Erde Holdings Pte Ltd in Singapore and started its journey in the Asian market. And rapidly expand the market in Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand , Viet Nam, Indonesia and other neighboring countries.


FRASCIO (GUANGDONG) Co., Ltd of China was established his own plant and Marketing center for Chinese market in Guangdong, China. And FRASCIO brand products approved by CELAB Italy.


FRASCIO was registered SANITARY WARE field in Europe. FRASCIO Europe GmbH established as Headquarters in Germany and started its journey in the European market. And rapidly expand the market in Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, and other neighboring countries.